We Adapt To Your Needs

KYSER Healthcare Staffing code of conduct sets out the rules and values to which all our employees must conform to. The code is reflective of our values and expectations and outlines our ethical and environmental policies, to which everyone who works at KYSER Healthcare Staffing is required to adhere. Our code of conduct details our stance on HS&E, anti-bribery and corruption, human rights, corporate responsibilities and business and humanitarian ethics.

Positions We Staff

  • Nurses
  • Certified Nurse Assistants
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Medical technicians
  • Medical Health Technicians
  • Nursing Assistants-Registered

What We Offer

  • A large pool of qualified medical candidates (CNAs, LPNs, & Registered Nurse (RN)s)
  • Deep experience & proven expertise¬†in healthcare recruitment
  • Positions filled quickly and accurately
  • Lower recruitment, hiring and orientation costs
  • Reduced employee benefits costs
  • Minimized personnel management liabilities

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